About Toicafe

BRIGHT MEN VENTURES is an LLP Company, formed by a group of ex-pats who were involved in different Professions. Their expertise in 5 different areas and 40+ years of experience abroad, made them courageous enough to form BRIGHT MEN VENTURES.

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BRIGHT MEN VENTURES will serve as a Mother Company with many different faces. It will introduce a wide range of ventures under its umbrella.We are pleased to announce that our first brand will be launched soon, which will be a unique initiative in South India.

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Our Target

• Easy Access • Drive- thru • Time Saving • Facility of Dining Inside & outside the Car • Delicious Food In Minimal Time

Our Unique Selling Points

Our plan is to have 200 Drive – Thru TOI Cafe hubs as a chain under the Bright Men Ventures all over Kerala within 2 years. We will have a brand identity of our own and unique operating style for all the hubs throughout the country.

Our Hubs

Our Toi Cafe hubs are structured in such a way that every corner is utilized at its full potential and wastage of space will be nil. Our focused target customers are the ones interested and keen about convenience, taste, and health.

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+91 9400 495 870
+91 7559 066 344

: www.brightmenventures.com